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sweet memory; a break from cynicism for a moment

I waited, smoothing my skirt down, trying not to faint or throw up, glancing nervously around me at the near-empty airport. There were a few personnel milling about, but mostly it was just me and my expectations.

I avoided a few lecherous glances and sat up straighter as the sliding glass doors that cut off the planes from the waiting areas parted, my heart pounding wildly. People dressed in colorful kitschy Hawaiian clothes tumbled out, talking excitedly and already detailing their 'vacation in paradise'. God, there were a lot of people. The last few reluctant stragglers were disclosed, and I was left with my heart still thumping in my chest and my mind trying to wrap itself around the idea that I had been stood up.

My eyes were tired from scanning face after face, and I stood up, wondering what to do, trying not to cry. I looked around me, positive all the flight crew was laughing. Yet nobody seemed to be paying me much attention other than the odd look or two.

There was no way he would leave me here like this. But I reminded myself that I really couldn't know what he would or wouldn't do. Suddenly I heard another plane land. As dusk fell, the sky started taking on that rosy grayish sort of look, and the concrete was warm and the air was heady with flowers.

Those heavily frosted glass doors parted again and this time there he was, the second person off the plane. Time seemed to slow, like a silly cliche from a movie. The look on his face! He was wearing a black silk shirt, a black sweater, black pants, and black shoes. My favorite color.

He carried a napkin-wrapped bottle of champagne (he'd won it in a mathematical contest hosted by the crew) and a carry-on. The carry-on dropped from his limp fingers to the ground and I ran at him, hardly knowing what I was doing. My arms were around him and my lips on his before either of us could say hello. I couldn't begin to describe the look on his face. "Sarah, oh, Sarah, there you are finally," doesn't even come close. The wonder, the excitement, the finally quality of it all. It was beautiful. My back was pressed up against the fence next to the door, our arms around each other, murmuring each other's names, hardly daring to believe what had come true. Before long we were interrupted by a "Sir? Could you please move your bag, sir?" In his haste he had dropped it right in the middle of the disembarking traffic.

We had a good laugh about that one, on several occasions. The kisses were incredible, and the world outside our little bubble faded away. We hardly noticed the people looking and smiling at us.

Finally, with our arms around each other like newlyweds, we retrieved his baggage, and went home, my Milo and I.

I was at the airport picking up my parents today, and I went to that terminal and leaned back against the pillar I had leaned against while waiting for him, and took it all in and remembered. I never thought I'd get to the point where remembering an old love would be so sweet.

8:45 p.m. - 2003-06-12


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