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JR and I are officially out of the closet, as of a few days ago.

It was a bit of a forced thing, but I told my parents. I don't know if you knew, but I was keeping it quite a secret.

Now there's been a bit of a scare in which they mentioned it to various people around town and were rewarded with, "Oh god, yeah. You mean you didn't know? I saw that coming a long time ago," which was interpreted to mean it's been going on for a long time (which we've been careful to keep from the general public). And someone seems to have confided that they 'walked in on [us] in an intimate situation'. Which warrented a violent phone call and order to come home immediately from Blockbuster's, where we had been toiling for an hour to pick out a movie. We were sat down at the kitchen table and interrogated, and luckily JR had acquiesced to my pleading to come in with me, because otherwise it could have been a lot uglier. He managed to diffuse a lot of the anger, and I did as well. We're a good team. And it was basically left with us shaking our heads and saying that it must be a mistake, or she misheard, or it was a lie or something.

We are at a loss as to who could have spotted us in 'an intimate situation'. She was enraged about this because in my confession, I'd given her a watered-down version of the truth- that we'd liked each other for a long time, but only started telling each other during the Company run, and finally became official a week and a half ago. And we weren't really hiding anything from her because it wasn't a relationship. I also happen to have told my mother that we hadn't had sex. Ever. And as we sat around the kitchen table arguing about the semantics of kissing once in a while not being a relationship (the kissing part having been hastily 'admitted' to as insurance for when she goes back and asks for reiteration about the 'intimate' scene), I think her finding out that we had taken the plunge (as it were) would ground me for life.

I still can't figure out the 'intimate' thing. We couldn't have been having sex, if it were in public, which is must have been. She did add that we 'thought [we] were alone', which chilled me. We were relatively careful to remain platonic in public, though we have occasionally gotten a little careless. I am skeptical about this.

And I'm terrified that she will find out about us having sex. It is possible, because Thomas AND Heidi blabbed to the whole world about the pool table incident. We are relying on people's tact here, and that is the flimsiest thing in the world.

12:00 p.m. - 2004-04-24


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