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ignorance is bliss

At some point you just have to accept that the cheese grater is just not going to get any cleaner. It's a fact of life. Particularly when there are rock-hard bits of cheese clinging to the inside. I shudder to think how old they must be.

There's a life lesson in that somewhere, I know it.

For lack of anything better to say, I'm going to dramatize my hair saga for you.

Sarah is shopping in the grocery store. Sarah has ordinary brown hair with the very ends sort of blonde-ish as a result of a highlighting frenzy when she was twelve. Sarah comes across the hair dye section of the store. She is idly scanning the photos on the boxes when her eyes light upon a particularly enticing shade of brownish-red. She stares at it until she is no longer idly looking, she is seriously contemplating. She whips out her handy-dandy cell phone and proceeds to call Elena and whines wishy-washily on the phone to her for about a half an hour, almost certainly incurring the wrath of all the passers-by. Finally her impulsive streak is too loud to ignore, and she buys the hair dye.

She is now terribly excited about the whole thing, and, when she gets home, tears open the box and proceeds to follow the directions carefully.

Fast-forward forty-five minutes and Sarah is staring into the mirror at a particularly lovely shade of radioactive-red. Sort of Shocking Strawberry. In fact, she'd be a shoo-in at Disneyland for the character Ariel.

But she does not cry. Well, not much. These things can be fixed. She calls Elena again, and spends a few minutes on the phone with Elena and Elena's mom trying to figure out how to look vaguely normal again.

Sarah ends up dyeing her hair Espresso Brown. The result is nearly acceptable. And still interestingly red-tinted. She does, however, have slightly redder hair on the top of her head than the rest. It is slightly disconcerting, but again, nothing that can't be fixed.

She parades around in her multicolored hair for a couple days, until today, when she decides to fix it. She dyes the top half Espresso Brown again, and voila! C'est magnifique!

I am actually quite happy with it at the moment. At least it's all the same color. That happens to be a rather important factor for me. At least I can pretend to myself that it looks natural (I'm the hopeful type). Denial is happier than realism.

9:12 p.m. - 2004-03-08


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