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in which my diary becomes a great substitute for sleeping pills

The way to deal with JR is to be adored by him. I've been slowly learning that. Make him jealous by attracting tons of attention, and you've got him eating out of the palm of your hand.

Malia, one of the cast members last night, (elbowing me) "So...I saw you getting out of JR's car. I thought to myself, 'how intriguing.' Eh? Eh?"
Me: "Oh no, haha, we're just really good friends."

Gary, another cast member, commented as well. He's a wonderful guy in his sixties who's been in tons of plays with me and is always sweet as candy to me. He keeps commenting on this one dress I'm wearing for the show. It's red and low-cut and JR said it makes my waist look twelve inches around. Anyway, at the resturaunt last night, "So, these plays really do seem to have a way of sparking romances..."
Me (innocently): "What?"
Gary: "You and JR..."
Me: "Oh, no, no, haha, we're just friends. It's so funny, everyone keeps asking that!"
Gary (winking): "It's only because I was jealous..."

We're fast becoming the talk of the town. It's amusing.

I cannot believe how retarded and mundane my entries have become. I'm really sorry. I'll get out of this rut soon. I think all my brain power has been sucked into the season. Christmas is always really insane, and I've got two plays to contend with this year, not to mention Christmas presents and my birthday tommorrow...

There I go again. And so I leave you.

11:28 a.m. - 2003-12-07


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