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in which, for once, i am not idiotic. much.

Today as I was walking to work Mike was playing basketball with some of his coworkers on my route. I didn't see him, but all of a sudden I heard a "Sarah!" and he came running up to me. He gave me a sweaty hug and we chatted briefly, during which time he suggested that we 'hang out some time'- to which I diplomatically agreed, and I went to work. Then Kate, who I was working with (and, as you might recall, was the one who started the whole mess), said, "So, Sarah, Mike wants to know why you didn't call. I think he was really put out about that."

What. The. Fuck.

I was the idiot in this. Let's not forget that.

But I do so love it when it turns out that someone else was more idiotic than I.

The grammar police will persecute me for that one, I know.

And then, Mike comes into the resturant. Orders. Eats. Then leaves, saying, "you should call me sometime."

Right. Yeah.

I have no intention of calling him, but it's always nice to be fruitlessly pursued.

Speaking of which. Remember the twin that has a crush on my fictional fianceť? She's my new hero. She has demonstrated an unprecedented level of boldness, forthrightness, tenacity, endurance, doggedness, and dauntlessness. Not to mention a blind eye to his obvious disinterest. Which I admire immensely. It's incredibly entertaining to watch all of the things she comes up with. She has solicited the opportunity to do his makeup, which in my opinion was a very smart move. She's quite brilliant, if unrequited.

And the object of affection himself (who should henceforth be known as Ian, since that is his name) was also quite entertaining tonight. He's legally blind without his glasses, and is adamant about performing without them, so he's bumping around, blinking at my chest, and aiming for the wrong girl. It's quite hilarious. He was also exceedingly tired. And he came up to me after rehearsal, and said, "You know that thing you suggested...", referring to when I asked if he wanted to kiss after a line in which another character suggests that we do (I thought it might look weird if we didn't) and he declined. Anyway, he brought it up again, obviously nervous and not wanting to actually come out and say it. He was trying so hard to get it across, pretending to not fully remember. "You know that thing you suggested on the balcony, that thing you said we should do, what was it, uhh...I'm sorry, I'm tired, I can't remember, uhh, it was...do you know?" And I was letting him do it, highly amused, until I just had to put him out of his misery. "You mean the kissing?"

Unfortunately, after all that trouble he went to, it ended up getting vetoed by the director anyway, on the grounds that it would be too distracting. Ah well. Such is life.

Thankfully, kissing him is not quite as awkward as it once was. After three, I think we're getting used to it. Haha.

JR was at rehearsal briefly today. I felt my entire being pulled to his seat in the audience like a paperclip to a magnet. It was quite distracting. But he left.

I miss him dreadfully.

I have been working far too much and doing far too little schoolwork. It must be remedied. However, work pays and schoolwork does not. To blatantly lift a quote on the subject of schoolwork from someone who shall remain nameless (Milo), "If they don't pay you for it, they can't really want it done, and why would they give it to someone who isn't even qualified?"

It seemed a nearly pleasant day until my closet fell on me.

10:04 p.m. - 2003-09-09


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