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every day i fight against myself

Today I swung by the coffee shop after work to grab my caffeine infusion, and Thomas was there. Okay, I knew he was there before I even got there, I saw his truck. So sue me. I just wanted an ogle.

But after ordering, receiving, doctoring, and checking for my sunglasses, he was nowhere to be found. So reluctantly (and consequently angrily and confusedly) I got into my car and prepared to drive away. And there he was, coming back from the convenience store, with cigarettes. And a blue mohawk.

Oh my gawd. :)

But anyway, he leaned into the car and tried to give me a kiss hello, and when I refused, exuberantly told me he'd just called me (to which I muttered, 'yeah, right'- but checked the caller i.d. and confirmed that he was telling the truth) and asked where I was going (home) and told me to come back to the coffee shop, no doubt expecting to get laid, or attention, at least.

But it is always nice to be expected and not arrive (that's a Wildeism, by the way).

And I was scared by the way my heart pounded against my ribcage like an imprisoned convict when I saw him. And the way I had to struggle with my every ounce of strength not to kiss him hello. And the way I wanted so badly to go back to the coffee shop to him.

So I didn't.

Barney (my boss's husband...sort-of-boss in himself) the other day was criticizing my Radiohead CD, saying that they were 'the worst band ever'. And then I found out today he likes country pop.


5:10 p.m. - 2003-09-10


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