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ah, the glow of accomplishment

The electricity at the resturaunt went out today! It was quite exciting, if quite immediately as hot as Hades. I had no idea how important the fans were to our well-being and comfort. I thought they were just loud.

Needless to say, at the exact second our electricity went out, rendering over half the menu most difficult or impossible to prepare, and the cash register obsolete, the whole town decided that it was hungry and began crowding the formerly empty building. They did, however, feel sorry for us and tipped generously.

The instant that Chelsea got overwhelmed and yelled, "Okay, we're closed!" the power came back on.

I watched Uptown Girls (against my better judgment, but Elena couldn't see Jeepers Creepers 2 or the Order or some sap-free movie [stupidity levels are irrelevant, I just want gore and no sap] and it was the only thing on the menu that we could both handle), and was quite disappointed in myself when I cried. Like seriously, tears falling down my face.

It was just this great scene, where the little girl (Dakota Fanning, who looks just like my little sister, Annabelle- they have the same fragile, almost transparent face, with humungous blue eyes and determined chin) is dancing around like a maniac to this gorgeous paternal rock and roll song. I cried. Me. The drunken cynic.

Besides crying at a sappy movie, and practically losing it once again in the electricityless hell that was the resturaunt for half an hour, my only other accomplishment today was figuring it out that I really, really need to get laid.

And fast.

11:34 p.m. - 2003-09-06


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