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sure, i'll just sit and watch you eat the food i see all day

I worked today. At the resturaunt. My job.

There was a very hairy guy there who kept staring at me and smiling. Not old, but too old for me. Or rather, too old for me for my parents.

After finishing his burrito, he came up to me and said, "I don't know if you're involved in a serious relationship or anything, but...I wondered if you wanted to go out for a burrito or a movie or something sometime." My first thought was, "Euuuch." Second thought was, "-a burrito? Did he just ask if I wanted to go out for a burrito? I work in a fucking Mexican resturaunt, dumbass!" But I tried to be kind. He did seem nice.

My mind was running frantically through all the cop-outs I could use, none of which included the obvious one that he had spoon-fed me at the beginning ("sorry, I have a boyfriend").

I finally settled on, "I know I look older, but I'm...not." I disclosed my age (and you know I hate doing that, but it was worth it). He made a show of counting on his fingers and came up with, "Well, I'm only five years older than you are. That's okay." Okay, you explain that to my mom. I personally don't have anything wrong with the age difference but I can definitely predict my parent's reaction. Not to mention he was creepy and not attractive at all.

So, looking disappointed and pathetic, he trudged back outside and sat with his friend for a few minutes, during which time my coworkers wrested the story out of me and teased me about it endlessly. "Wanna go out for a burrito?" was their favorite and sent them into ecstatic hysterics each time they repeated it. Ha, ha, you're so funny. I felt so cruel.

Then, later that day, Tassie, (the boss' daughter) came in again and informed me disgustedly that as she was leaving earlier, he came up to her truck and asked her out. We all had a good laugh and simultaneous "ewwwww!"s. I didn't feel bad about shooting him down after that.

Life as it pertains to Thomas: When you are hungry, it is an act of faith to turn down the spoonful each time if you know the food is poisoned. -Anne Lamott

I will turn down the poisoned spoonful. It is just not worth it.

3:39 p.m. - 2003-07-11


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