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another rant (doesn't it seem like this is all I do these days?)

Oh god, the play. As far as I know, it went okay. It's so hard for me to judge my own performance when it's just acting. Sometimes I really feel it, and sometimes I don't, and the reviews from people don't tend to reflect that. Anyway, there was a reception afterwards which SUCKED ASS. Thomas was there, and wonderful, and brought me a dozen red roses (he's so sweet), but other than that I either didn't know people or they weren't talking to me because of fucking Heidi. Adrienne and Lisa both came up to Danny while he was talking to me and Thomas, and both ignored me completely and fawned over him (the boy is funny, but transparently acting). I'm not asking for an oscar, it would just be nice to have some acknowledgment (I'm too worked up to check my spelling right now and the longer I look at that word the weirder it looks). I know I have a tiny part, but I worked hard, and I was really excited about it (my first chance to have a breakdown on stage...the most serious acting I've ever done. Brief, but serious). I am so pissed that these fucking old ladies feel all fucking righteous about snubbing me. It's disgusting. I wish I could just tell them all to FUCK OFF. Like they've never made mistakes.

UGH I feel so hateful. I'm sorry.

3:11 p.m. - 2003-04-25


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