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Ugh, I absolutely cannot STAND those idiots who brag about their HTML skills and think George Lucas, Matt Groening, and J.R.R. Tolkien are the masters of the universe, and try to use what is so painfully obvious they think of as big words as often as they can (sorry that sentence was so convoluted), and think themselves so high and mighty because they are obviously meant for better things than the masses (like what, saving the universe? Slaying vampires? Wielding a digitalized light saber?). Wake up, sugar, in five years you'll be fat and balding and stuck behind a computer screen, still secretly, pathetically yearning to be Frodo or Hans Solo or whatever.

I also hate those teeny boppers who live inside their heads. "Josh asked me to the Hicksville dance! Should I wear my headband-sized tube top and my pants that barely cover my ass crack? And of course I can't leave the house without my several pounds of shiny blue glitter eyeshadow and the latest blonde robot CD." Well, okay, I actually don't hate them. They're pathetically oblivious and therefore do not pose a threat to my sense of well-being and intellect. I just wanted to get that description out. Those D&D geeks I described above do, however, seem to pose a threat. Why am I so intent on bashing everything that threatens me? Why do these things threaten me?

To continue this thread...Danny bugs the fucking hell out of me. He thinks he's God just because he's eighteen and has a grasp on the English language. He tries to debate with me, gets all worked up and defensive, at the same time maintaining that I'm the one who bombards him with "negative wit". Okay, I like to put him in his place. Just because he's not used to having anyone stand up to him and not take his crap...just because I don't let him boss me around or get away with flippant little comments, have the last word... :) Okay, okay...I don't actually feel that strongly about him or his arguments. I guess I'm just bored. Backstage at R&G yields no excitement whatsoever.

10:30 p.m. - 2003-04-23


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