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I'm sorry that I haven't written. But I had to share the news.
JR and I were in The Music Man, as Harold Hill, and Marian, respectively (the leads).
Sunday, the fourteenth, was the final performance of the Music Man. We were onstage for the curtain call, and JR hushed the band and started to deliver the closing night ritual recognition thing. He brought up the choreographer, and she was given flowers, then he brought up Jerry and he was given flowers, then he held up his hand again to stop the cheering, looked at me and said, "There's one more thing." I was looking at him expectantly, assuming that Bernaldo, the musical director would be next. I noticed that his voice was trembling, but attributed it to the public speaking (we actors hate improvising). Then he pulled a black velvet box out of his coat pocket. For a split second my mind wondered why he'd gotten Bernaldo jewelry, and then he opened the box. It was the most dazzling, beautiful diamond ring I'd ever seen. My heart stopped as he got on one knee, still in his feathery Music Man hat, held it up, and said, "Will you marry me?"

There was a deafening silence everyone in the theater, including me, struggled to comprehend. Then a huge roar of screaming, clapping, and yelling ensued. Tears started running down my face and after a few moments I remembered that it was a question that I was supposed to answer. All I could manage was a messy nod, and he stood up and hugged me. His hand was shaking as he put the ring on my finger. By this time I was crying mascara. All of a sudden we were swarmed by little girls in frilly dresses as the entire cast surrounded us, congratulating us and crying.

I think the whole theater was crying. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

We're going to wait a while to actually get married. I'm going to go to school and get settled first. JR is, of course, coming with me. Augh, I sound like one of those epilogues in movies where they freeze a screenshot of each character and explain what subsequently happens to each of them.

Can you believe it?
I am deliriously happy.

12:36 p.m. - 2004-11-17


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