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fuck yeah!

Hoo, boy. ("Have I got a girl for you, boy, hoo boy..." Sorry. Company's invaded and will not be silenced)

I am placated, at least for now. JR is as we speak taking pictures of the dreaded Alicia, but before he left, he asked me over and over again if it was all right with me, and said that he wouldn't do it if it wasn't, and even tried to switch days so he could see me last night. He was so earnest and sweet about it, and so adamant that it would be platonic, I had to give in. And since he made all that fuss about making me feel good, I don't feel as hideous as I'd expected to feel. I'm happy for him to be doing something he's so passionate about. Like I said to Elena last night, the world needs more passion.

Oh. My. God. I just checked my email, and I've gotten accepted to Interlochen, that arts camp I applied to! Aughh!

I've been so adamant about the fact that they'd never accept me. I had to do the taped audition very sick with a cold, and the school being hellishly competitive anyway, I was sure that the odds were quite against me. But I got in! Maybe I really can make it in the music world.

11:06 a.m. - 2004-03-26


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