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what you didn't want to know

Sorry to subject you to this, but it's actually quite interesting (you can blame Elena for it).

do you type really fast? - Faster than I should. My mom used to tell me I'd never type fast unless I typed on the right keys, but she lied. :)

Does it annoy people who are around you (like in the library)? - Yeah, it pisses my mom off because she was wrong about it.

Do you/did you like high school? – Nope.

how old are you? - I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

do you know anyone who has the same birthday as you? if so name them – My cousin Jimmy, several years later.

favorite pen color - black

what word do you constantly misspell when typing? – HOBGOBLIN! Goddamn that stupid word.

do you have trees in your yard? – Yes. They supply vital oxygen.

name one comedian that everyone thinks is funny but you absolutely cannot stand – Oh god. Chris Rock, Jim Carrey. There are more too, but I've forgotten.

name one director you hate and tell why – The director that directs all those fucking idiotic movies that come out five times a day.

do you like tim burton? – Very much.

what annoys you more than anything? – Being lied to, people assuming things, self-righteousness, propaganda, people pretending they know about things they don't, people dispensing advice when I haven't asked for it, being sick, oh god, I'd better stop or I'll be here all night.

tell me about the weirdest pair of socks you own – Unfortunately, I don't own any weird socks. I shall have to remedy that.

if you woke up tomorrow morning as the opposite sex, what would you do first? – Jack off, what else?

did you read fear street books? – I'll admit it, yes, I did. Some.

how about sweet valley high? - Quite a few.

babysitter's club? the boxcar children? – Yes, yes.

goosebumps? - I had a brief love affair with Goosebumps.

favorite show on nickelodeon (can be from the late 80's/early 90's when nick was good) – I rarely watched television, and if I did, I think I watched Disney, but I do remember liking that kid's version of SNL.

did you watch are you afraid of the dark? - Whenever I could.

did zeebo the clown scare you? – I have no idea what that is.

where do you vacation every summer? – Every summer. Pah. I wish. I go to CA a lot, though.

do you like the beach? – Sometimes.

do you tan or burn easily? – I tan way too easily. It's weird. Only when I don't want too though. If I ever made an effort, I'd remain paper-white.

do you make up your own words and lingo? if so tell me about it - No.

do you eat lots of tv dinners? – Yuck. No. Do you?

favorite hot pocket flavor – Ewww.

if you could make one celebrity magically disappear, who would it be? – Oh GOD! A few weeks ago I would have said Bennifer. But Bennifer is no more, thank GOD. Although we do still have to hear all about their breakup. WHO GIVES A FUCK?

how is life treating you? - Like gum on its shoe. No, like a mosquito buzzing around its proverbial head.

do people like you? – Sometimes. Often they don't.

what do you think it is that makes the "popular" people popular? – I haven't the slightest, and I don't care either.

what do you wear the most: jeans, cords, dickies, khakis, skirts, or shorts? – Whaaa? Pants.

are you using a pc or mac? - pc

do you like chunky peanut butter? – As far as peanut butter goes, it's not bad.

what amazes you about the opposite sex? – Their inescapable draw.

are you in love with anyone? – No. I love people, but I'm not in love with anyone.

do you like anyone? - Yeah.

if so, who - Friends. Family. Aquaintances.

why do you like them/why are you in love with them? – Because.

favorite cereal – Fruity Pebbles.

name a movie that makes you cry - Zeferelli's Romeo and Juliet, What Dreams May Come.

what's something you like about the opposite sex, physically, that your friends think is odd? – I don't know. I do like Adam's apples though, which is weird.

is it true that only the good die young? – No.

if so, are you going to live forever or die soon? – If we're judging it based on that, I'm living forever.

do you live for today? – I wish I could. I shall start soon.

how fast can you run? – Faster than you'd think, though I get all athsma-y.

favorite band from the 60's/70's – The Beatles.

have any of your friends had kids as teenagers? – No.

did they finish high school? – n/a

favorite 80's television show – The Wonder Years!

were you even born in the 80's? – Yes.

what year? – Go fuck yourself.

have you ever taught a little kid a curse word? – Hahahah. Nice timing. Probably. Annabelle says shit sometimes.

if so which one was it? - Shit?

do you think little boys are horrendously ill behaved? – Some of them.

have you ever thrown anything at a moving car? if so, what? – Gum, pebbles.

name a villian in a movie that scared you when you were a kid – The crocodile from Peter Pan.

have you seen the original friday the thirteenth? - No.

the original chucky? – Yes. It was on TV. I was quite amused.

the original halloween? - No.

what's your favorite channel? - Comedy Central!!!

what do you say when you stub your toe off of the corner of the coffee table? – "Fucking hell!"

what's the highest thing you've ever jumped off of and landed unharmed? – I don't do jumping.

does it snow where you live? - Not nearby.

if yes, do you go sled riding? – n/a

have you ever used anything weird, like a frisbee or a trashcan lid, for a sled? – cardboard, down my grandparent's stairs...

how many people do you know who were born in november? – My interest is waning here.

what month has the most people you know born in it? – December.

do holidays make you festive? - "Christmas makes me craaaazy...." ahem, sorry.

magazines you subscribe to – None, but I read Vogue a lot. It's so inventive and beautiful.

do you read the supermarket tabloids? - Voraciously, so I can laugh at them.

have you ever smashed somebody's halloween pumpkin? - no

ever had yours smashed? - no

do you celebrate christmas? - yes

if not, do you still watch "how the grinch stole christmas" when it comes on television? – Never have.

do you think the grinch movie starring jim carrey was a waste of money? – Yes.

ever had a hot teacher? – No.

if yes, did you flirt with him/her? – n/a

how do you treat people you are attracted to? (this is not a stupid question; some people are immature and are mean to those they like) - Depends on the person.

what do you want for your birthday this year? - A car.

have you ever egged somebody's house? - no

has someone ever egged yours? - no

do we all go a little mad sometimes? - Absolutely.

what pisses you off more than anything in the world? – Didn't we go over this already?

do you still go trick or treating? - I would if I didn't feel so silly about it.

do you believe in santa claus? - no

have you ever worked in a supermarket? – No

how about a restaurant? - Yes.

if yes, do you agree with me when i say that those are the two worst establishments to work in? – No, though I don't have much to compare it with.

what color is your bedspread? – Black.

do your eyes change colors? - Yes.

do you believe that we walked on the moon? - I haven't thought about it that much. Yes, I suppose so.

do you live by yourself? – No.

have you ever gotten a computer virus? - I can't remember.

if so, what was it and how did you get rid of it? - Dude, who cares?

describe your junior high/middle school gym teacher – I can't remember.

how do you react when someone is talking to you --up in your face-- and they have really bad breath? – Breathe through my mouth.

did you go/are you going to the prom? – No. Who cares?

if you've already gone, was it good or bad? explain why – n/a

do you get uneasy when you see a person of a different color than you walking down the same street as you in the middle of the night? – If it's male, I get nervous, no matter what color he is.

if yes, do you think that makes you racist? - No.

are you a vegetarian? - We'll see.

how about vegan? - No.

if no to both, do you think you could be? – Not a vegan.

have you ever given up a certain type of food? if so, what was it and why did you do it? – Go back a couple entries...

spit out a random song lyric for me. make sure you tell me the name of the song and who sings it! – "I see hell in your eyes..." I forget who sings it. It's playing though.

who does the chores around your house? –Not me!!!

what movie could you watch a million times and never get tired of? – Hedwig.

what movie have you watched a million times, and you still laugh at the jokes? – Hedwig

what movie do you hope you never see again? - Lots.

have you ever hugged a stuffed animal or pillow and pretended that it was your significant other, or someone you had a crush on, and then someone caught you talking to it, and stroking its soft, fuzzy fur, and laughed at you and told the whole school? - Whaa?

do you drive? - Yes.

if so, do you like to drive at night or in the day time? - day time. With the music blasting.

has anyone ever called you a bitch? – Quite often, as it happens.

has anyone ever called you an asshole? - Not that I know of.

are you a bitch/asshole? – Yes.

what's the first thing you do when you get home from school/work? – Say, "Thank fucking hell that's over."

favorite pop tart flavor – I dunno.

do you play any musical instruments? if so, what? – I play a little piano, and I sing.
(Hee hee, a little piano. It's hard to play, you know, it's so small... I crack myself up.)

have you ever built a snowman? - Yes.

did you cry when it melted, or when the kid next door knocked its head off with a shovel? - Uh, no.

what's your religion? – I don't have one.

do you try to force it on other people? – That's one of my 'annoying things', remember. And not having one makes it hard to force it on people.

do you knock on people's doors at 7 a.m. on saturdays, trying to give them a pamphlet and tell them about the lord, or ask random people at the mall if they’ve been saved, yet you think that doesn’t count as forcing religion, you son of a bitch? – No.

have you ever been flipping channels late at night and caught a glimpse of some porn on skinemax? – I don't know what skinemax is.

if so, did you watch it? don't say no, i know you did – If I knew what Skinemax was, I might.

what's the code word or phrase you and your friends use for the word SEX? – Fucking. :)

is sex an uncomfortable topic for you? – Not at all.

what is the one thing in the world that just looking at it makes you vomit, or come close to it? – vomit.

when other people vomit, does it make you sick? – Hee hee. Yeah.

do your clothes match? - They never do. What is matching anyway?

what are you wearing right now? – A red shirt with 24 on it (the meaning of life, backwards), and some big black pants.

did you ever have those fisher price roller skates that go over top of your shoes? – I think so!

did you have a bike with a banana seat? – Yes.

could you ride it? – Yes.

have you lived in the same house your entire life? - Ha!

what’s the weirdest thing you’ve lived next to? – A 12-year old flasher.

who is the ugliest person you’ve ever seen? – I shan't say.

do you watch talk shows? – I start wanting to puke if I'm subjected to even a minute of them.

do you think miss cleo is full of shit? – Yes.

if not, have you called her and wasted your money, you idiot? - no

what are your thoughts on keeping animals in captivity? - I don't have any. Sorry.

what do you think of all the “superstores” that are popping up everywhere? (super walmart, super k-mart, super target)? - Smart business.

what do you think of pop music? – Most pop music is horrible. However, some really good bands are billed as pop music (the Beatles, for instance).

tell me something i don’t know – I'm not wearing any pants.

2:22 p.m. - 2003-09-20


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