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I just saw Winged Migration.

I am leery of any movie with animals as protagonist or cute sidekick. This one was basically an overblown Discovery Channel special. I can just see the producers getting slightly sloshed at a party, laughing hysterically and going, "Okay, I bet you we can make people pay to see birds fly around!"

It was lovely as a study in photography, I'll give it that.

But I found it so contrived, so manipulative, so utterly calculated, that it ruined my experience.

My parents loved it. Of course.

I guess I'm the resident pretentious cynical misanthropist. The one who kicks the cat and slays innocent optimistic movies.

I just don't like animals. I'm sorry. I am very well aware that I am probably going to hell for that. I would never ever hurt an animal intentionally (aw, come on, our cat can handle a nudge here and there. He likes it), but I cannot stand hearing people whine about how they can't find a green and red Christmas sweater for their dog.

Therefore I probably should have avoided a movie whose appeal rested precariously and singularly on "awwww"s and "oooooh"s from the audience in response to the life and times of geese.

I did enjoy seeing the duck trip itself, though. I laughed very loudly.

I'm a freak, aren't I.

8:41 p.m. - 2003-08-23


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