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call me schizo but i'm loving it

The other day at work my coworker Jenna pointed out a big newspaper clipping taped to the fridge (everyone's pictures and clippings and stickers go up there) and said, "Look! It's my boyfriend and my sidetap, on the same page!" (Their pictures had made front page in an article about illegal off-roading or something like that).

So now I'm in love with the word 'sidetap'. I'm incorporating it into my vernacular. And now I need to find a sidetap.

Actually, first I need to find an...uh...entree tap.

As the excitement of driving slowly fades, so the well-being of my keys are threatened. By my increasing key amnesia.

Today I was sitting at the coffee shop, talking to JR, when who should pull up but Thomas. When this happened I leaned over the table excitedly and stage-whispered with a big grin, "This is so great. Oh my god, this is so perfect. I love you. Oh thank you. Yesssss."

Just JR being there when Thomas drove up was abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. Thomas hates JR because of our little thing. He's deathly afraid that JR is going to sweep me away one day. So is Milo, actually. What is it with these ex-boyfriends?

I must confess, I couldn't resist poking fun at him for Rebecca's hideousness.

But immediately afterwards I felt contrite and rather like a kharmic sitting duck, so I called him up a few hours later and invited him to McDonalds where I paid for food neither of us ate and attempted to reconcile my conscience and 'leave it nicely'.

He is no longer my Achilles heel. A heel, yes, but neither Achilles' nor mine. :)

It was nice to joke around and throw french fries at each other. I really like not being madly attracted, or madly ... mad.

Lately I've been doing whatever the fuck that little voice in my head tells me to do (forsaking of course random urges to commit major crimes). Which sounds weird, but it's ended up well. I rented Cecil B. Demented, shook proverbial hands with my ex-boyfriend, managed to run into a visiting friend with cosmic timing (me walking to my car in a crowded rainy parking lot, she in a car about to drive away), arrived at rehearsal exactly on time, and just generally had fun. And I'm still having it. Oh yes.

There is nothing in the world so wonderful as freedom.

8:53 p.m. - 2003-08-11


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