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Well, I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the 'more than once' Pirates gang. I took my cousins (they loved it. You have to. It's like a rule). Guess who the first person I see when I pull up to the movie theater is?

You guessed it. The rat bastard himself. Complete with never-before-seen girlfriend. And hoo boy, am I glad I have now. After all his lovely harping on how pretty she is?

(Warning: things are about to get catty, and I don't mean of the feline sort)

Fat and lumpy, sloppy, stringy dirty hair, and bad acne. Doubtless I am exaggerating these traits in my evil vicious little mind, but the essence is there! And it is hideous! And I'm not exaggerating that much.

(Not that any of the preceding are bad in themselves, it's just that he was taking great pleasure in savoring my jealousy and musings about how pretty she must be, and this girl was not pretty, even if you find those qualities attractive)

Whoopah! Sarah is no longer jealous!

Plus there's this little thing about me being over him. And...ahem...onto someone else.

That's, uh, figuratively, of course.

I realized something (as Elana would say, I had an anipaniphy) while I was being helplessly whipped this way and that by Johnny Depp's beautiful eyeliner-caked eyes. It doesn't matter if my newfound love (or 'crush', as the case may be) cannot be consummated without extreme guilt on my part and perhaps another ass-kicking from Heidi. I am strong enough in myself to love from afar.

Or maybe just chicken.

I have a key chain. It's a monkey. Neener neener. :)

Both my parents just fell asleep while watching some foreign film. So much for cultural pretension.

10:01 p.m. - 2003-08-09


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