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conversation with a dickhead: sarah's bitchiness has a field day

Me: ...drunkencynic...

Whiny Loser Who Will Probably Be a Virgin Forever: yo

Me: hey


Me: well now that you've dragged me kicking and screaming into a real-time conversation...

WLWWPBAVF: yeah now that you're here

WLWWPBAVF: i have a question to ask u

Me: fire away

WLWWPBAVF: will u marry me?

Me: am I allowed to ask what prompted this?


WLWWPBAVF: my love?

Me: haha

Me: your love for...

Me: ?


Me: Now I'm really confused.


WLWWPBAVF: "I happen to have an instant messenger but prefer not to use it for reasons that will regrettably have to remain a mystery to you. You are permitted to email me as well as write a really long note.

WLWWPBAVF: then again, perhaps sometime you might get an instant message. if you're lucky."


WLWWPBAVF: if i'm lucky



Me: and you seem to be

WLWWPBAVF: well let's put this into perspective

WLWWPBAVF: i'm a genius

WLWWPBAVF: you're not

WLWWPBAVF: where is the luck?

Me: hold that thought

after a few minutes

Me: Now then.

Me: You're a genius and I'm not.


Me: I beg to differ

WLWWPBAVF: u dont have to beg

WLWWPBAVF: it'll be there whether u beg or not

Me: all right then, I won't. I differ.

Me: in opinion that is

WLWWPBAVF: i forgive u

Me: In reading your diary I came across this statement of yours several times.

WLWWPBAVF: which one

Me: I can forgive your conceit (it very well may be well-founded, I don't know you well enough to tell) but I cannot forgive your assertion that I am not.

Me: "I'm a genius."

WLWWPBAVF: oh .. well i can forgive my assertion that your'e not a genius because i'm an excellent observationalist

WLWWPBAVF: and if it's conceited to say the sky is blue, we might as well put diplomatic dumbfuck on our tombstones

Me: I hardly think you have enough to observe. Do you really think that a silly diary can contain every truth about a person?

WLWWPBAVF: that's because i do the thinking around here

WLWWPBAVF: listen up tinybrain.. u don't know how to observe people

WLWWPBAVF: u only look for what they say

WLWWPBAVF: i look for what they don't say

WLWWPBAVF: and how they say it

WLWWPBAVF: that's why i'm the genius

WLWWPBAVF: and you're not

Me: tiny brain.

Me: if you want to hold my attention you're going to have to refrain from the insults, especially unfounded ones.

WLWWPBAVF: if u want to hold my attention, you're going to have to build a personality that doesn't consist of your present one

Me: why the marriage proposal then?

WLWWPBAVF: i didn't ask u to msg me w/your stupidity..if u can't cope w/my genius, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

WLWWPBAVF: because you are a crazy girl

WLWWPBAVF: crazy girls are the best in bed

Me: uh huh

Me: do you intend to relate how you were going to get me in bed?


Me: oh, that's a good plan.

WLWWPBAVF: that would depend on geography and how much of a prude you are?

Me: haha

Me: I really don't think you'll be given a chance to find out.

Me: From whence comes your observation that I'm crazy?

Me: and just exactly what kind of crazy do you mean.


WLWWPBAVF: you seem kind of

WLWWPBAVF: deserving

WLWWPBAVF: like u deserve me

WLWWPBAVF: that would make u insane

Me: haha

WLWWPBAVF: because if we looked at it from a capitalistic viewpoint..i'm gold and you're cocoapuffs

Me: you are intensely amusing

WLWWPBAVF: the gold to cocoapuffs supply demand curve is slightly skewed

WLWWPBAVF: yes i'm a genius AND a personality trainer

Me: but not as much as one might think

WLWWPBAVF: if i wasn't amusing my resume would be cut in half

WLWWPBAVF: well that's why i do the thinking around here

WLWWPBAVF: the more you think, the more my personality works

Me: Now you're repeating yourself

WLWWPBAVF: i have very little effect on the mindless


Me: uh huh

WLWWPBAVF: do u have a cam?

Me: if I did you wouldn't get to see it

WLWWPBAVF: if u did, u wouldn't be talking anymore

Me: you'd like to think

WLWWPBAVF: it has nothing to do w/that

Me: right

WLWWPBAVF: you want me to show you how unimportant you are to me?


Me: I never claimed importance

Previous message was not received by WLWWPBAVF because of error: User WLWWPBAVF is not available.

Guess the lack of webcam scared him off. Call me 'tinybrain' but I fail to understand how a 'genius' can let himself look so stupid. He seems to be in possession of a few brain cells, but they seem to filter out proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. And they fed him delusions of grandeur. Sorry kid, you need mental help.

Oh, and it's spelled you, not u, moron.

I feel vaguely let down. And bitchy. And icky. I guess I can handle anything except an insult to my intelligence. Oh, and my looks. :) Luckily that didn't come into play. He might have found himself tracked down and castrated.

I was just trying to be flippant and conversational and pleasant here and he turns into a psychopath. I guess the internet is full of freaks.

Notice to Future Freaks: Please pass me by. I don't want to know you. Pick on someone else, please. Thank you.

9:02 p.m. - 2003-07-17


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