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When did living my life become more exciting than writing about it?

Perhaps when I started losing sleep and consequently became unable to form a sentence (I'm serious- it's got me worried).

This is going to be short, I just had to spill this somewhere.

We are in love. In love.

The other day we got drunk at the before-the-cast-party-party and while everyone was inside watching The Ring or falling asleep, we ran outside and stood in the rain and he picked me up and kissed me, and his hair was plastered to his face like Tommy Gnosis, and he told me he loved me. And we stumbled into a bunch of grass and took our clothes off and felt like Adam and Eve. We were so in love and euphoric, I've never been so elated.

Of course, the next morning we realized we'd been frolicking not that far from a couple of neighbor houses, which gave us a laugh. But the magic was still there. We took a shower together, and he told me he loved me again.

I cannot recount all the lovely, sweet, mushy things he's said. There are too many, and I've been in shock all week. But all of a sudden I have what I've always wanted. Almost more of it than I can handle. And all is right.

To add to my unbelievable good luck, I've been solicited to sing 'Ave Maria' at a wedding with a harpist.

And I've been so terribly broke lately, I've been worried. My mother always used to say that when she was worried about money, God would always come through. I don't think of myself as a religious person, but I do believe in God. In a light sort of way. Anyway, I dreamed last night that I was wandering around Honolulu (we leave today until Saturday). And somehow the money found its way into my hands. And I remember thinking of that thing my mother used to say. And then this morning she told me I had a check from the IRS for almost exactly the amount of money I'd been prepared to borrow off someone.

I feel so charmed. I really hope it stays.

11:18 a.m. - 2004-04-14


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