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This is my third entry today. I can't seem to help myself. I must make up for my hiatus.

The main reason I'm doing this yet. Again. Is because JR sent me some digital pictures he took over the weekend.

We were at this gorgeous spot by the ocean. And there was a beautiful man-made lagoon adjoining it. It was a little after sunset, I think, and we were both stuck by the beauty of the spot. He took a picture of the pond, and then of me staring at the pond (that would be my dyed red hair I am clutching and stage makeup I am sporting, minus the falsies).

There is also a picture of the Company marquee, which is very unusual, at least for us. It's a projection onto the roof of the theater. When we saw it, everybody jumped out of their cars and ran over to the sidewalk to see it better, and we were making jokes about it being the Bat Signal. "To the theatah, Batman! We're being paged!"...etc. We didn't run out of stupid jokes for about a half an hour. We were so excited and dumb-struck by our professional-ness.

Ahem. Now I shall retreat back into real life. Sort of.

8:37 p.m. - 2004-04-05


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