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Sometimes I feel like if I write about how crazy and interesting my life is at any point, the Fate Fairy will materialize, say, "Well, we shall have to remedy that!" and magically make it all disappear.

Having said that, I may have neutralized the curse for this entry.

Last night JR and I went over to IHOP's for dinner (or is that breakfast?) after rehearsal. We sat down in a two-person booth and prepared to order. Just then we were hit simultaneously in the side by two cast members excitedly jumping on top of us. And it somehow turned into a six-person meal, complete with raunchy jokes, innuendoes, and general silliness. Including (but not limited to) JR plopping a pancake on top of his head (the butter added a very attractive sheen to his hair), Harlan and Rachel drinking my sugar-free syrup straight from the packaging, and lots of grabbing and squeezing and sexual ambiguity.

It's been a long time since I've laughed that much. It was great.

And now for an episode of Classic dialogue:

JR to Kevin: "I feel more straight around you than any guy I know."
(they have a little rivalry for which I may be partly at fault)

Kevin to the table: "I've popped a couple cheerleaders."
(in his defense, the line was set up by someone else)
Table to Kevin:
(deliberately ignorant)
"What? You've given birth to cheerleaders?"
"Were they inflatable?"
(this last was made all the funnier for the fact that it issued from the mouth of Ben, who'd been almost completely silent the whole evening)

Rachel: "I had a friend who liked to order Scottish Bangers just so he could say Scottish Banger to the waitress. And we always ended up with a tableful of sesame chicken just because it was number sixty-nine on the menu."
(this, of course, begat lots of heckling with the waitress)

Rachel: "[That road] is scary. My neighbor lost an arm down there."
JR: "Why, what happened?"
Me: "He couldn't find it."
(which for some reason made the whole table break out into hysterics and prompted Rachel to say, "That was the sickest, funniest thing I've heard all evening." Welcome to my humor)

And I haven't even touched on all the hilarity.
Well, maybe you had to be there.
I had fun.

Roxie's no longer a virgin!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Get fucked up for me.

10:44 a.m. - 2004-03-17


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