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Well, Diaryland, darling, I've been completely entrenched in higher and better things. My life has gotten so busy and fulfilling that I've forgotten all about your little white box and purple color scheme.

Okay, I'm lying. My life has been so catatonic that I really have nothing to write about.

Our hot water heater malfunctioned and I haven't been able to take a shower in two days (cue "ewwww!" from studio audience). Don't look at me like that, I have taken very hypothermic washcloth baths.

I'm a responsible, contributing, learning, regular high-school-suffering citizen once again, thank you very much.

I worked up the nerve (after about a half hour of feeling like vomiting every time I opened my mouth) to ask Osa if he had a girlfriend. "No, no, I don't," he replied. "Do you?"
(cheap shot response:) "Have a girlfriend? No."
(Fake laugh from both of us, then complete uncomfortable silence).

I watched the movie May the other night. I haven't been able to get it out of my head, mostly due to the fact that I didn't actually watch the whole thing. JR and I both got spooked (he's such a girl). Well, a better word would be totally disgusted.

We're talking a shot of a severed dog limb for about two minutes, a cat bloodily killed by a flying ceramic ashtray, a whole class of blind children scrambling around on shattered glass (blood everywhere), self-inflicted knife wounds, a creepy doll slowly, telekinetically shattering the glass of her case, and an artsy cannibal flick about a couple frolicking in a field who start making out and end up biting off chunks of each other in bloody, gleeful lust.

We had to turn it off, and even after we did, we wouldn't leave each other's side and both had trouble even kissing the other, all due to that stupid cannibal part. We even had to watch Austin Powers for a while to counteract the effect.

However, I did. Not. See. The. End. And I'm so weird about those things, I never don't finish movies (grammar police, catch me if you can. It's more funner than saying 'I always'). If I can help it. And all the reviews (and even the Blockbuster clerk) keep talking about the ending and how surprising and inventive and insane it was. And though curiosity killed the cat (hey, lit'rally!), I'm dying to find out what happens. May kept admiring her friends' hands and necks, and the tagline was, "If you can't find a friend, make one," and she was a seamstress, so I have a pretty good idea, but if it's so obvious to me, it can't possibly to surprising to everyone who's seen it, huh? Huh? So I think I may need to convince JR to watch the end with me. Maybe during the day. :)

Speaking of cannibalism (how often does one get to say that, I ask you), apparently a guy in Germany was arrested for said offense. It's just not polite you know. Elena's got a link to the article.

So, that's my life. NOW you see why I haven't updated. And from now on, I imagine you'll be sighing with relief when you note that drunkencynic is still quite safely in black text and not red when you check your buddy list. I apologize, mates. Won't 'appen again. I shall just have to go and do some nefarious deeds. Run headfirst into some scandalous debauchery so I will have something exciting to regale you with.

Well, I'm off. To go drop some acid, have an orgy, and find the cure for AIDS (in no particular order- perhaps concurrently).

10:19 a.m. - 2004-02-03


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