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The truth of the matter is I really have nothing to say. I've been logging on to Diaryland every day, out of habit. Checking my notes, racking my brain for something I want to vomit up to make myself feel better. I got nothin'. Anything I say will end up being contradicted shortly thereafter, and I just don't have the energy to sound like an idiot any more. On accident, that is. I'm perfectly content to sound like an idiot if I know I'm sounding like an idiot. I have no qualms about that.

which is the perfect SEEG into... I just saw Y Tu Mama Tambien. Thank GOD it was just me in the house. All I can say is, god have mercy on your soul if you are caught watching this movie by any persons of authority. It's a beautiful, gritty, arty porno. Which I guess is blasphemous to say, according to its reviews, but you just know those old critics are horny anyway. I have to admit I wasn't above emitting a very loud, completely inadvertent excited squeal when the two very hot male leads started kissing each other.

Calm down, Sarah!

And see? I've found something to blather about despite my funk.

10:39 p.m. - 2003-11-25


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