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the guard at the grocery store

Remember that handsome, young guard at the grocery store?

He asked for my number today.

He seems kind of dumb, and awfully young.

It was funny.

I was at the store to buy tampons. I decided to go to that one because I do that sometimes because I might see him. And I did. He was there. Looked cute. And smiling at me. I checked out my stuff and am walking out, not looking at the spot where he was standing. As I'm about to walk out the doors, I sneak a quick glance, and he wasn't there. Oh well. Then I realize. It can only be one thing. He's outside waiting for me.

"Hi, I'm Ryan."

I give the required response and for some reason (maybe I was a little nervous or spooked) start babbling incoherently during which time I ask him if he attends school around here. "No, I graduated." Oh. And you're not going to college? (which in retrospect was kind of a rude thing to say. Okay, not even retrospect. I noticed it was rude while I was saying it). After I decide to shut up before I say anything dumber, he shuffles his feet a bit and we have an awkward moment, which he breaks by saying, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

I kneeewww it. He has the hots for me. Well, can I blame him?

"Nope." Now he wants my number. All of a sudden I get a Thomas flashback and almost start running, but hell, at least I can talk to him, right? I give him my number, and, after realizing that the number I gave him goes to the only phone we have at the moment and it's cordless (remember I dropped the portable in the bath?), my cell phone number. Hrmph.

At least it will be interesting.

However, I'm still invested (to put it mildly) in JR. Which is weird.

8:06 p.m. - 2003-11-06


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