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Today I was in the grocery store trying to figure out what potatoes I should buy, when what should I hear but my name, called softly. "Sarah..."

I turn around, scan all the faces who are close enough to me to have done such a thing, recognize none of them, and turn back around. Then I hear, "You don't remember me?" Coming from a boy whom I certainly don't.

"Uh. No." It's very unusual for me not to at least have an inkling of how I know someone.

After some sort of hurt mutterings about how I don't remember him, he reveals that he is Marcus, a boy I used to know when I was younger. His mom worked with my mom. He was the first boy ever to have a crush on me.

We're talking, like, nine years ago, here. How the hell was I supposed to recognize him? He looked nothing like the little boy I remember.

He informed me that he sees me around all the time, and that sometimes he'll call my name, and I'll look around, just like I did, and not notice him.

Well, hell, Marcus, you gotta identify yourself as the name-caller when you do something like that. Don't just sit there like a bump on a log.

It was sort of touching.

And also sort of scary.

10:44 p.m. - 2003-10-06


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