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Well. Well well well. I don't feel fit to describe what went on last night. I don't think I could do it justice. But I shall try.

I was camping at a beach last night, at which there was supposed to be a 'rave'. A rave at a beach (or any rave at all for that matter) is quite mystifying to me. But we got there, and the second I got too drunk to drive (okay, I wasn't even that drunk, but I ain't taking chances, bitch), someone yells, "Get out, they're making us leave!" And everyone has to leave or face persecution from the cops. So Alison drove me to another beach where we all convened. And. I. Proceeded. To. Get. As. Fucked. Up. As. I. Could.

Not on purpose, mind you, it's all in the spirit of things. So yeah, your favorite cynic has once again fulfilled the 'drunken' part of her moniker.

JR was there, he got a tent, and we slept in it together. Only there wasn't a whole lot of sleeping. There was some. But I'd never actually slept with anyone before, so it was a new and very exciting experience. It is indescribably lovely to roll over and realize that he's right there, and kiss him and wrap my arms around him tightly. Oh, god, I can't see why anyone would sleep any other way. I'm going to have a hard time tonight.

Before bed, though, we went skinny-dipping. As per my suggestion. Somewhere in between drinks, I (out of nowhere) came up with the brilliant idea of taking off all our clothes and swimming under the stars. It was so great! I mean, I don't think I'd choose to do it in front of several complete strangers again, but the water, and the moon, and the laughter was very nice.

One of the guys who was camping with us was so incredibly horny. JR told me that when Alison and I (the only girls) walked away, the guys would immediately start talking about dirty guy thoughts, but this one was not ashamed to let it all out. He kept talking about "getting pussy" as if it were the ultimate prize. He was telling Alison that he wanted 'to go anywhere' with her (to which she would just laugh hysterically and roll her eyes), and then in the morning, while I was saying goodbye to JR, he waited for me around the corner, and as we were walking back, when I was all alone and defenseless, he ambushed me with, "Why are you so sexy?"

What do you say to that. Thanks?

Then, pushed into giving him a ride, he said, "Can I ask you a really rude question?"

Uh, no. "Can I stop you?"

"Can I see you naked again?"

RRRrrrrrrr! Car crash. No, not really. I just pleasantly informed him that the odds of such a thing happening were about a zillion to one. Which he accepted graciously.

I just took a fragrant, steamy shower. It was heaven.

I think my brains cells are fried. Which might account for the incredibly idiotic, retarded recount that you have been subjected to in this entry. As I read back, I feel really stupid, not least for the description. Mostly it's the childish things I do when I'm messed up.

I don't feel like getting messed up for a long time. I do actually like being sober and articulate and steady on my feet. And sensible. And clothed.

Velma, have you seen ma noggin?


12:57 p.m. - 2003-10-05


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