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There was a Native American Powwow thing going on at the park. Consequently the resturaunt, which is nearby, was PUMPING. I've never seen it so crowded. I don't know if it's ever BEEN that crowded. But I wanted to shoot someone. It's a good thing I got off when I did.

I went over to the coffee shop to chill out for a while. Anthony was there, and I started to leave after an hour or so, when they were closing up, and Anthony said, "Oh, you're thinking, he's getting off work, so I'd better leave...I don't want another earful..." Which is quite funny and self-deprecating, two qualities I admire, but I reassured him that I love getting earfuls from him and hope to get some more sometime (was it just me, or did that...never mind). I had to buy some very expensive, perfume-y sunscreen before I left, however, because it was so sunny. I would have been fried to a crisp. While I was at the coffee shop, this woman said, "Who are you. What's your name?" I gave it to her. Then she said, "You're gorgeous. You're so pretty. That white white skin..."

There were hundreds and hundreds of people at the powwow itself, and I was walking around and fingering jewelry (Oh my god, stop it, Sarah). I picked up this one gorgeous necklace, with a silver chain and a framed opal. And a guy next to me said, "You should buy that necklace. It would look great on you." Uh huh, thanks, buddy. Are you being paid to say that? I smiled and thanked him and awkwardly left, and then later, in another section of the powwow, I ran across him again, and he said the same thing. "Really, you should buy it. It would go great with that lovely white skin of yours. Sometimes things call to you like that. They're a piece of you, you were meant to have it. It will make you happy. When you put it on and you look in the mirror and see how pretty it looks, you'll be pleased."

I decided that it was fate and bought the necklace. Hey, you don't need to twist my arm to get me to shop.

4:21 p.m. - 2003-09-27


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