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love me and my moldy fridge

I trained Rob, the new daytime cashier, today. He was quite bumbling and entertaining. It's hard to believe that I looked that dumb, but I know I looked even dumber. er.

There is a tiny little fuzzy black kitten with a little round nub where its tail should be skittering about at work.

Conversation between Frank and I:
Me: What should I do with this rice.
Frank: put it in a Tupperware container.
Me: I was afraid you'd say that. I don't wanna. Oh, hey! Look, I can just take the rice holder out and put it in the fridge.
Frank: And what would you use to cover it?
Me: (triumphantly) A plate!
Frank: No.
Me: (rummaging for Tupperware containers) You know, before she married you, my mom and I used to have all kinds of stuff like this in the fridge. Empty containers, the like.
Frank: I know. When I was coming over -ostensibly- to feed your cats, the girls and I would look in your fridge for stuff to eat, and I'd be appalled. That's when I knew I had to marry her.
Me: Ah, the deciding factor.
Frank: Exactly.

Any man who marries me will just have to accept that I am not a housewife.

9:21 p.m. - 2003-09-24


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