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Calaandra, Lexz, and I needed Dairy Queen ice cream so we went and got some. As we were sitting there eating it, we started getting sugar rushes and consequently were being extremely silly. We starting theorizing as to why they turn the Blizzards upside down before they give them to you. My theory (and I think I'm right on this one) was to demonstrate how thick they are. But Calaandra decided that they did it so that later, when it had melted, little kids would imitate it and turn them upside down and it would all fall out and their parents would buy them more. A money-making scheme. While obviously far-fetched, it is quite inventive.

Then we decided that the next time we went in, we'd go, "NO! Don't DO that! Aw, great. You ruined it. Now it will taste bad."

And then Calaandra said, "Yeah, at home we've trained our Dairy Queen people not to turn our ice cream upside down."

Well, you had to be there.

Then I went outside to lock the car -weird people hang out there- and promptly ran into one of them. It was a guy, surferish, actually kind of cute, in a stoner-ish way, and he was harassing a group of tourists. He turned to me and said, "What about you? Do you want to buy a lei?"

And I said, "What kind of lay?" (jokingly)

And he laughed and said, "A cheap one!"

I thought it was funny.

And then I decided to go to the grocery store and see if my cute security guard was there. So we trekked in, ostensibly to buy hair ties, and there he was! Oh, he's very cute. He smiled. A lot. And I was acting very cool, albeit dragging two little girls around.

I smiled at him and turned to leave- and almost walked into the automatic door, which parted about four inches and stopped. We had to stand there, jump up and down, and finally, after receiving knowledgeable instruction from an employee, step back. He just stood there laughing. I can't blame him, I would have. In fact I did.

Ah well. It was so typical I couldn't even be annoyed about it.

7:56 p.m. - 2003-09-15


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