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aha! excitement in the workplace

Paul Walker came into the resturaunt today. I was standing there cashiering, minding my own business, and I look up, and BAM! Paul Walker. Huh.

I am not in general a big Paul Walker 'fan'. I've always thought that he's cute, but in a 'just another Hollywood guy' kind of way. But man, combine that with up-close, in-the-flesh, together with my inadvertent celibacy... the guy was fine. Unfortunately sans Steve Zahn, though.

I acted all cool and indifferent, and rang him up, but the second I went into the back I was squealing, "Paul Walker....here....uhhh...." Sarah-boss, Kate, and I were scrambling over each other to snatch surreptitious peeks. Clandestine worshippers.

No, I'm kidding. But it felt like a TV show, where the geeky People-magazine-reading preteen happens upon cool hip nonchalant celebrity and goes psycho. Only not that insane. Well... Kate did, against my fervent protests, tape his meal ticket to the refrigerator. I was mortified, and have plans to remove it immediately.

Even more interestingly, Mike Williams came in.

No, not a famous person.

Background information on Mike Williams says that he came in one day and happened to know Kate (they work at another resturaunt together) and they chatted and when he left, I let it be known that I thought he was very cute, and was interested. So Kate promised to get 'the scoop' on Mike and diligently interviewed him. Upon being asked why she was grilling him so, she explained that someone at our resturaunt had a crush on him. Growing excited, he begged for a hint, and she let it slip that 'she had her picture in the newspaper on Friday' (Uh, that would be me). She tells me that she told him to stop by today, just because. Uh huh.

With me? Okay.

Flash forward to today, post-Paul Walker, I'm valiantly trying to do a crossword, and cute Mike strolls in, extends his hand, and says, "Kate told me I had to come in and meet you today. I'm Mike." Well, either Kate was a little more loose-lipped than she let on, or this guy did some serious research. Either way, I don't care. He's here and adorable and tipping me generously.

No marriage proposal, but at least we've met, right? It's a step in the right direction.

8:34 p.m. - 2003-08-27


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