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I went in to the coffee shop today, steaming and nervous about all my bad deeds being found out.

However, I am an actress. And I never let my mood influence my interactions with people unless I know them very well and am comfortable being snotty around them.

Which is why when Evey, as she was ringing up my espresso, said, "You're stressed, aren't you." I did a double take. "Yeah, I guess I am. Yes. How'd you know?"

"I can feel people's vibes," she said matter-of-factly. "Just by looking at them. I'm a little bit psychic."

Of course my bad mood was instantly paused as I took in this wonderful information and I leaned forward, curiosity insanely piqued.

She explained to me that besides instinctively reading peoples' moods, her dreams often come true, the next day, to the letter. And that it runs in her family- some older female relative of hers worked with the police in recovering missing bodies.

I know you might think I'm silly and gullible and (gasp) an optimist for believing in things like psychic phenomena, but some things are irrefutible. There are things we can't explain.

But then again, maybe there is an explanation. Blindly believing in something without evidence is risky (which is why I read and inquire out information about psychic phenomena and ghosts voraciously). But sometimes the evidence is simply how true it feels.

From Hedwig and the Angry Inch:

You think that luck has left you there
But maybe there's nothing
up in the sky but air.
And there's no mystical design,
no cosmic lover preassigned.
There's nothing you can find
that cannot be found...

Isn't it incredible to not know?

5:51 p.m. - 2003-08-21


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