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i hereby proclaim this 'bitchiness week'

Now, remember kids, extracting joy from other peoples' pain is bad.

But it just feels so fucking good!

My co-worker, Sasha, asked me today about Thomas. Whether I'd seen him lately or not. She'd gone to school with him (but graduated a few years ahead) and I guess she was one of the unsuspecting girls he had a creepy crush on- she didn't know this, however.

Anyway, I said, "Funny you should ask, I saw him yesterday at the movie theater." Pause. "With his girlfriend."

Sasha: "Oh, is she the reason you guys broke up?"

Me (leaning forward excitedly): "Noooo! Why? What?"

Sasha (grinning): "Well...my sister goes to school with her, and she said that Rebecca had a crush on Thomas, and she was totally flirting with him, and, well, you know how guys think they're so hot, and he flirted back, and then you two broke up."

Me (slightly disappointed but laughing): "Oh. Yeah, that wasn't it. But oh my god, I saw her at the movies with him and she was ugly!"

Sasha: "I knoooww! Really ugly. And she's a bitch, too. Everybody hates her."

Well, fancy that, dear readers, not only was he wrong on the looks factor, apparently she's not "so sweet and nice and innocent".

She then proceeded to tell me that Rebecca is really mean to her (Sasha's) sister, and pretty much everyone else. And that when Sasha heard that Rebecca was flirting like crazy with Thomas while we were still together she told her sister to tell Rebecca that Thomas had a girlfriend and she was really pretty.


On top of the world once again, thank you very much. And all it took was a little bitchy gossip.

3:42 p.m. - 2003-08-10


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