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she's baaa-aaack

I fell in love this morning. Oh yes. Deeply and passionately.

I was behind him in the checking line at the airport (which, I have to mention, Annabelle calls the 'orport'). He was perfect. He had flawless ivory skin, full red lips, a sculpted jaw, shiny dark hair, beautiful hands, big and veiny, just the way I like them. A sweater and brown shoes. A deep voice. And... a thick, dog-eared, messy paperback book. Mmmm.

Unfortunately he walked away and I never saw him again.

Such is my life.

Well, I'm baaa-aaack. I seem to have contracted some sort of achy-ness virus. But it hasn't been accompanied by a sore throat, so I'm hoping that it's extremely temporary. Extremely. I have my first Much Ado rehearsal tonight. Time to meet the so touted "small, blonde, balding, with glasses and a big forehead 'not good-looking, sorry'" Claudio. Claudio being my character's fiancee. Claudio being the guy I will have to kiss. It figures. But....looks are not important. Nope. Not at all. I am completely un-shallow. I love ugly people.

It feels so nice to be home. To be back in my room, with all my familiar things ("oh, I missed you, Disney Princess poster! And monstrously oversized stereo! And book collection! And most especially, bed"). I did not miss my schoolbooks, however. I have to clarify that, it's very important.

I watched X-Men 2 on the plane. Yeah.

Alan Cumming almost helped elevate it to 'acceptable', but sadly it was irreperable. Ah well. Such is America.

Back to freedom and coffee! Weehee!

2:50 p.m. - 2003-08-08


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