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aha! a delirious update!

My family couldn't have the tradition of reunioning in a big luxury hotel every year. Oh no. We have to camp at increasingly miserable outdoorsy, nature-ish, bug-friendly sites every year. With lots of trees and dirt. And as an extra bonus this year, constant, perpetual rain.

Oh yes. We love misery. And misery loves us.

I love my family. They're wonderful.

My cousins are really cool. Like, to give you an idea of how cool they actually are- they're cooler than I am. Yeah. I know.

There were several incidences and quotes that I was dying to relate to you, but I'm afraid that they'd all turn into one big 'you had to be there' disappointment and anyway I can't remember them.

California is treating me well, and I'm doing my best to treat her well. Whenever I step off the plane and into the Californian air I always inhale deeply and take in that crisp smell that is utterly indescribable yet paradoxically extremely real and tangible. It really feels like home here. I lived here until I was four. Go figure.

I went jetskiing yesterday on Lake Tahoe. All. By. My. Self. Just me and the roaring jetski and the smooth glassy (hypothermia-inducing) water. I was all alone, tearing through the lake, surrounded by these awesome mountains and cliffs and gorgeous scenery. I felt superfluous.

It feels so nice to be connected. I seriously gave a gasp of ecstasy as soon as I laid eyes on this computer. My immediate (tent-sharing) family has deemed camping just too unbearably painful to continue just now so we are holed up in my grandparents' house. So I was loading my stuff in the room and I looked around and went, "Aaaiiuuugghhhhh! Yeeessss!" which made my sisters laugh at me. I feel silly being so tied up in an inanimate, highly unreliable object but I am addicted to Diaryland and hearing myself talk so that's how it's gotta be.

Cheerio, mates, I'll most likely be updating and so further perpetuating the addiction as soon as possible.

1:07 a.m. - 2003-08-03


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