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Warning to all reviwers: the following will probably manage to piss you off

I've decided that I am no longer subjecting myself to reviewers who are dumber than I am. Because that's just not cool.

I get "Oh, I read a few entries, but I just wasn't hooked. You're smarter than I am and can spell better and use big words, but I just couldn't relate to you. You talk about things only a girl your age would." What do you expect? I am a girl my age (wow. how's that for a statement). What do you expect me to write about? You would have me making up exciting things about my life as a porn star mother of five? And here I was thinking the sign of a good diary was the ability to write interesting, intelligent, insightful, and generally fun-to-read entries. I try to do just that, but in reality it's all a catch-22 because I am not writing for you. I love you when you love me, but this is for me. To clear my head, to excercise my vocabulary and typing skills, to have a place where I can bare my soul and be accepted.

Question:So why the fuck do I apply to be reviewed?

Answer: Because I wantcha to love me. And tell me I'm brilliant.

Which is sort of defeating the purpose because obviously way more people than I'm comfortable with are going to think I'm a fucking idiot and I have to accept that. It's a matter of course. I think it all the time.

Lately I've been taking the time to review the review sites themselves, as in noticing whether or not they read all or most of the entries, whether or not they are fair, whether or not they are intelligent. Which is definitely a good way to do it. Because the way it happened a couple times before, I ended up with some thirteen-year old teenybopper clicking through my entries to the beat of the Britney Spears CD playing on her computer, going, "I just, like, don't get it."


I'm sorry. I understand that I am not intelligible to everyone. I know I am bitchy and geeky all at once and the combination can be off-putting to some coughidiotscough



We interrupt the stilted flow of this entry to remind you to add this diary to your favorites list. Thank you, The Management.

The bottom line is that I want contact, recognition, and yet I feel silly being a review whore. From now on I will most likely refrain from whoring my diary and I out. Unless of course I run across a really good review site.

So I apologize belatedly to those I've offended and humbly continue making an ass of myself. Thank you.

4:35 p.m. - 2003-07-24


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