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astrological narcissism

My horoscope strikes again: "When your previous romance is over, you heart arcs with someone else on the horizon. This might not be love, but it works for right now. Just remember that some couples come into being through comfortable habit."

Not only is it infallibly wrong, now it can't spell and starts talking gibberish.

I watched Showgirls tonight. It could have been stupid, but with Heidi, JR, and I making sadistic commentary it was actually quite amusing. Unfortunately Heidi loves the movie. Seriously.

She's like that.

That cute guy at Starbucks paid absolutely no attention to me. I have decided that he is obviously gay.

I seem to be an asshole magnet these days. Really. And (amazingly enough) it's not making me happy.


What I mean is...I am usually stoked to get attention for my looks. I love it. I lap it up. I'm pathetic that way. But lately I've been getting so much attention from weird old men or teenage boys and it's just way too shudder-inducing. I can't help but mutter, "euuuch," as I cringe and walk away. Or drive away, as the case is now! Wheeee!

Will you listen to me.

A heart arc. Is that like a boner for your ticker?

I am long overdue for a romance. Or a slap upside the head.

10:04 p.m. - 2003-07-22


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