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mommy, i'm a big person now

Today surprised the hell out of me.

Let me start off by saying...I am a FREE WOMAN! In the best sense of the word. Yes, as in look out world, fasten your seatbelts, wear your crash helmets...Sarah is on the road!

Today I was granted a reprieve from my grounding. It was a near-perfect day, as far as I could tell. I got a library card! Wheee! I stopped by the coffee shop and told JR the good news (he'd sweetly called the other day when I'd talked to him and told him I'd be getting my license that day. You know how that turned out). He was suitably ecstatic for me.

Then (warning: the following will probably not be as fascinating to you as it is to me) I nabbed an iced espresso and picked up my paycheck and cashed it. Then I bought hair ties (for the wind), a vitamin water, and gum. Then I went by the CD shop and got Garbage 2.0 and The Raveonettes. I was particularly impressed by the latter as I'd seen it in Borders and wanted it. I didn't expect our tiny town to have it. It was only eight dollars.

So with Garbage in my ears (I just had to say that) and the wind in my hair I drove to the beach. The moment that stands out among all other moments today was when I was driving, listening to one of Garbage's songs, and it was so perfect and exuberant and I just laughed with the pure joy of it all. Happiness like that hasn't decided to grace me with its presence for a long time. I am free. I don't need anyone. I felt so self sufficient.

Then I wandered over to a mall-ish sort of setup and had lunch and browsed the stores. And got oogled by various guys. I was wearing a bathing suit.

segue...(or digression, whichever you prefer)

I happen to have the most humungous chest in the history of the world. I'm serious. It's getting to the point where I can't turn too quickly or someone will be knocked to the floor.

Well, it sure feels that way.

More interesting drivel later.

8:28 p.m. - 2003-07-18


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