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a brush with murphy's law (okay, a smack in the face with it)

The world is conspiring against me. I am never going to get my license.

Overreacting, you say? Pshaw, unbeliever! Listen to this.

I got my permit a little after I could, enrolled myself into a driving class. But I couldn't simply finish it, oh no. I left on holiday two days before it was over. So I had to make it up in order to complete the class requirements. When I get back, after much ado, I manage to get ahold of the teacher for driving time with him. Then I realize that I have to drive 50 hours total in order to complete the driving requirements. Okay. That will take a REALLY long time. And it does. In the meantime I manage to enroll myself in the makeup classes. Oops, wait. Sorry, Sarah, I don't think so. Wait some more. No makeup classes for YOU. Driving, driving, racking up hours. Then I enroll myself in the class (keep in mind that this is taking months) and promptly miss the first two. Frantically I call the teacher and ask if I can continue. It's fine. Come in whenever. I do. I complete my class time!

Teacher says, bring in your notarized form saying you've completed 50 hours. Oops, wait. 10 of those have to be night hours. More driving, this time at night. Finally I am done and the form is notarized. Teacher makes a big fuss about how long it's taken me and how glad he is that it's finally over and that I can get my license, how proud he is. Gives me the shit I need to get my license. That was yesterday.

So can you blame me for thinking I'd get my license today?

I call the station and hear that the times are 8-10 am, and 1-3 pm. I get off work at two today. It'll be perfect.

Whoops. I was supposed to work until four. An oversight.

Trying not to cry, I call my coworkers to see if they wouldn't mind working for me. Finally someone agrees to come in at two-thirty. Fine. I'll still have a half an hour. I get ahold of my mom and inform her of this fact. She agrees to show up a few minutes before two-thirty (yeah right).

Eventually we make it to the police station and it's closed TODAY. TODAY. It. Is. Closed. Today.

I think I am cursed.

3:28 p.m. - 2003-07-16


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