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Today I went and 'auditioned' for Much Ado About Nothing. I put the word in quotations because it could hardly be called auditions. No respectable audition would allow itself to be associated with what we had. By this I mean we walked in, were told we had the parts, read a little, and walked out with instructions to memorize our lines. Still, a part is a part and I'm happy to be Hero, one of the most one-dimensional, flat characters Will ever wrote. However, she does provide a chance for emotion (by this I mean wailing and sobbing). In one scene. Otherwise she's just wandering around looking lovesick mostly.

Elena and I went and saw a surf movie. The movie itself wasn't the most captivating thing I'd ever seen, but there was a short amateur film preceding it in which little boys fell off skateboards, and it was highly entertaining.

I've been whining about this to my family and friends, and now you get to hear it, you lucky reader you-

We should all come with default clothes. You know? I am one of those people who likes to wear the same thing over and over, and yet at the same time I am one of those people who cares what other people think of them. These two characteristics create conflict often. But if we had default clothes, we could always wear what we liked and nobody would think we were dirty (we sound schizophrenic). Like, you could change your clothes but it wouldn't be weird if you didn't.

Life would be so much better if I dictated it.

9:51 p.m. - 2003-06-27


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