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glory days

I just saw Bend it Like Beckham! It was brilliant. The cinematography, the plot (though the end was a bit unbelievable), the dialogue... Oh man, it brought back so many memories! I remember when I used to get into my soccer uniform every Saturday, those shiny shirts and baggy shorts, pulling on the shinguards and then the long socks, finally putting on the cleats. It used to make me so excited. I usually played fullback. I just wasn't the Forward type. I guess I wasn't that interested in getting pummeled by girls running at me. Also, I loved saving the day at the last second. I had an awesome kick. Really strong. My favorite thing was during warmups, when we'd get rolled balls at us and have to kick them into the goal...a rolling ball was great for a really strong kick.

I don't recall ever wanting to be a professional soccer player or anything. It was just pure fun.

I'd forgotten how great it felt to have played a really great game, and trudge off the field sweaty and red and out of breath. This movie made me relive all that. The feeling of being part of a team (okay, okay, our team was, like, famous for being winning-challenged, to put it lightly) and the exhilaration of winning (it came rarely which made it all the more fantastic), and just the adrenaline. I miss adrenaline.

But it's the same feeling I get now whenever I go onstage. I guess I've substituted one natural high for another. I would like to get back into that, though. That and tennis. Which I happen to be unnaturally bad at (though that's never stopped me before). :)

Oh my god, I sound like an optimist.

9:05 p.m. - 2003-06-20


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