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in which i horribly abuse parentheticals

Haha...just comparing ex-boyfriend pics (I know, I know, I'll start talking about other things eventually, I promise...right now I have little else to occupy my mind)...and personalities and relationships...and character...Milo ranks so much higher on all points (check out the cast pictures).

And I really am better off without him and his tiny dick. (*gasp*- did I really just say that?) ooooooooh....

Man I'm regressing rapidly. Help please! Think of grownup things! Ummm...checkbooks! Euuuck. That reminds me. I am particularly proud of my ability to write checks like a normal human being. Yet today while writing out a check for the vegetable guy at work (hee hee, the vegetable guy...[I'm hopeless]), I completely mangled it (it was almost the end of my shift and I was sleepwalking) and he came back after driving away to get my signature on it. I was reluctant (oh great, now everyone will know it was meeee) but what could I do? I'm still berating myself.

Ha ha, my first ex boyfriend was waaay beettter than you, and he had a bigger diiiick...okay. I'd better stop now. I'm sorry. Nobody needed to hear that. (Except Thomas). Wheee! There's no stopping me now!

I want my mouse ears back. Waaah.

You know what I really want? I want a really nice guy who is totally obsessed with me (in a completely non-threatening, non-psychotic stalker kind of way), yet not at all posessive (except for a little, in a sweet way), who thinks I am the sun and moon, who is rich and generous, and really handsome, and extremely intelligent, and sweet, and gentle, and good in bed, and a good listener, who has his own opinions but is not too stubborn, who has a life, but is not too busy for me, and is spontaneous and creative and talented and witty. And I want my parents and friends to like him. Is that too much to ask? Hmmph.

10:22 p.m. - 2003-06-06


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