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Today I listened to my co-worker (one of two older women- the rest of us are young girls) lament about how her husband gapes at girls and comments about them and he doesn't satisfy her so she goes and buys 'magazines'. I tried, but couldn't picture her masturbating with a porno mag. Sometimes you just don't even want to know what people are doing. Usually, actually.

I took my psychology test. I finished really fast, so my administrator (I don't know about you, but the word proctor makes my mind wander a little too much) said, "Wow, either you're really smart or you didn't know anything." I didn't want to tell her it was the latter. Wish me luck- I'll need it.

I have become obsessed with magazines. (Not that ^ kind!) Glamour and Cosmopolitan and Vogue and all those. Is there a twelve-step program for this? I'll read anything that has glossy pages. Thomas leaves his car magazines here and I'll read them cover to cover. I really need a library card.

My diary was called "effortlessly grand" and I personally was described as posessing "the most divine, browneyed, cherubic face I've seen." by the-noise. My eyes are constantly being mistaken for brown, but it's forgivable, particularly if your assessment is digital-based. Anyway, the description made me deliriously happy for minutes while I contemplated the deeper meaning of "cherubic". I'm very excited about this...my first linkage from a person I don't know in real life. :)

Does anyone know about an Italian language course that incorporates singing or opera into the teaching methods?

I think I need a slightly larger readership to be justified in asking such an obscure question.

4:18 p.m. - 2003-05-14


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