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Shit went down. I survived. We'll see.

Reading Elena's diary provoked some thoughts of mine. (not trying to be mean or contradictory...just expressing an opinion)...

"I mean happy people tend to be boring. And depressed people tend to be fascinating. At least to an extent. It seems to me that the happy people I know tend to get a little detached from reality....People with boyfriends also seem to be a bit detached. (happy andunhappy ones) They only focus on that one person and their own life. They stop paying the rest of the people in the world much attention. That doesn't seem healthy to me. At all. That isn't to say that I won't be exactly the same someday, it just doesn't seem healthy."

My own personal opinion is that depressed people are boring as all hell. Happy people aren't really that interesting either (I guess people in general bore me), but I think depressed people are more boring. It's always the same old whiny shit..."Nobody loves me, I try so hard, fuck that..." The interesting people are introspective, articulate, and insightful. Not to say that you have to soul-search, just provide interesting (humor is never boring) commentary and insight about life. Yours, if you want. This is, after all, a diary. And I guess most people are unhappy. And most people want to commiserate with other people or at least spit out their anger and disappointment.

I love discussing things with myself.

Today Chelsea almost bitched me out in front of a ton of customers. She was wrong though, and I was right. :)

Tommorrow Thomas and I are going swimming @ the Hilton with my dad and his girlfriend. I haven't been swimming in ages. And for the first time, I'm worried that I'm going to blind people.

9:10 p.m. - 2003-05-10


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