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ranting again

Well, I didn't get the solo I wanted. "In My Life." That would have been so fucking cool. My dad would have exploded with joy. I blame it on Adrienne. I thought I was pretty damn good. Elena says it was great. UGHHHHH That fucking bitch (Adrienne, not Elena). She's just prejudiced against me. Jealous, self-righteous fuckhead!

My boyfriend is staking out a rapist right now with a bunch of his hot-headed friends. He promised me that unless the girls got harassed (his job to keep an eye on them) he wouldn't get out of his car. PLEASE don't let the dumbfuck show up. I know Thomas'll get in there if it gets ugly. It's so silly, so S. E. Hinton. But apparently the police didn't do anything to help, even after a report was filed, so they think they have to take matters into their own hands. Well...I don't know anything about the ways of the world. I guess a good ass kicking will make him think twice about fucking with another girl. But they have baseball bats and crowbars and stuff! Oh please be safe, Thomas.

When oh when did I get myself involved (even remotely) with this sort of thing? I'm a homeschooling, musicals-loving, clogs-wearing girl. I never thought I'd find myself hearing about these things (particularly from the person who's the closest to me).

Fuckin' Adrienne. I knew I wouldn't get it. I told myself (and others) over and over again. But nothing could have prepared me. I'm still in shock.

I got semi-grounded again today. I pleaded over and over again with my mom but to no avail. For some reason when I'm in the middle of an argument I always seem to think there's a way out, some magic combination of words that'll get me off free or something. "Please, please, please!" seems to be my appeal of choice. Blehhhhhh.

9:39 p.m. - 2003-05-06


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