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I found this interesting.


As a Sage your job is to find out everything important there is to know and spread that knowledge to as many others as possible, through humor and entertainment. You are a lighthearted, wise, articulate individual. You hate to grow up or lose your childlike wonder towards the world. You excel verbally and make a great lecturer, communicator, or comedian. Most of you love being the center of attention and are the life of the party.

You excel verbally and make a great lecturer, communicator, or comedian.

On the other hand, you can be loud, tasteless, or childish if you aren't careful. You also have a tendency to be overly garrulous and talk the ears off your listeners. You need to avoid scandalous gossip which you tend to love. Juicy stories always grab your attention but when you spread them you can become slanderous. It would be easier on your listeners if you give them just a kernel of basic information, at times.

We have observed that Sages have wound their ways into the entertainment and media fields in large numbers, particularly since the advent of film, television, and radio. Even though these Sages are very visible, we have found that the percentage of Sages in the population as a whole is quite small, probably not more than 15%.

Sages are: Communicators, entertainers, teachers and tricksters.

It sounds like me, for the most part.

Today I got very melancholy. I don't like to spill my whole head into this any more because I'm afraid. What of, I don't know. Rejection? I promised myself I wouldn't read any more of 'those' emails. I should have gotten rid of them. Plus I caught a whiff of his T-shirt as I was putting it away. But surprisingly enough, I'm still strong. I feel good. I feel strong, and my life is what I make of it. It almost helped me, in a way, the reading of the emails. Because you know what? What we had was wonderful. But it wasn't wonderful any more, and when that happens you have to let go of it. And I feel good now, and I'm realizing that at the point where I let go, there was nothing on earth I could do to make it the way I wished it could be. So it was right. Lately I've been getting this profound sense of....this is right. I'm following my path.

12:41 p.m. - 2002-12-26


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